Technical & Facilities Management

A selection of services our technical and facility management professionals can provide for your asset:

  • Yearly maintenance planning, including required inspections by local authorities
  • Day-to-day monitoring of maintenance tasks for the building and equipment
  • Supervising subcontractors
  • Maintaining an inventory of building, plant, and machinery parts
  • Managing defect repair projects and recording defects
  • Providing on-site technical staff during working hours
  • Providing a 24-hour on-call technical staff member
  • Energy management and efficiency advising
  • Fire, health, and environmental protection planning in accordance with local laws
  • Filing and maintaining property-related technical documentation
  • Preparing monthly work reports 

White Star Real Estate views our technical and facility management services as an opportunity to gain peak performance from every aspect of your building. We know that there are a million details that go into providing tenants with a clean, safe, comfortable, and attractive building — and all at an economical cost.  But we do that, and more. We act as expert advisors, letting clients know how they can keep their buildings competitive by recommending the expenditures that will yield the highest value, and how to reduce expenses in the right places as well.

We encourage you to contact us, and arrange a visit to any of the buildings where we provide technical and facility management services. You will see the difference.