Osiedle Kampinos

Location:Lipków - Warsaw, Poland
Property Type:Residential
Service Types:Construction & Project Management, Marketing, Property Management, Sales & Dispositions
Size:99 single-family homes in a 9-hectare estate
Overview:Osiedle Kampinos, which began construction in 2000, was the first truly masterplanned community in Poland and a pioneer in using western-style marketing techniques, with an in-house, devoted sales team and multiple show houses among the unique features.

White Star Real Estate’s team handled the planning, construction, marketing, sales and after-sale customer service during the development and construction phase. The management services team has been providing property management for the property since its inception — no small feat given that the residents vote on extending the contract on an annual basis.

The project, which comprises 99 single-family standalone and semi-detached homes, won the award for Best Residential Project in Poland upon its completion in 2004. The gated, secure community resides on a 9-hectare plot immediately adjacent to the prestigious Kampinos National Forest in the Warsaw suburbs.