Sosnowa Dolina

Location:Magdalenka, Poland
Property Type:Residential
Service Types:Construction & Project Management, Marketing, Property Management, Sales & Dispositions
Size:28 single-family housing units in the first phase of a 60-hectare project
Overview:Located on the southwestern side of Warsaw, approximately 17 km from the city center, Sosnowa Dolina (Pine Valley) is one of the largest single-family residential projects in Central and Eastern Europe. A total of 67 hectares is designed to accommodate more than 650 single-family homes, townhouses and walk-up apartments. The masterplanned community is expected to be divided into 10-12 private and semi-private phases. Currently, AIG and White Star Partners are selling the first phase of just over 60 units.

The project is a fine example of the company’s development expertise, as it required undertaking a sophisticated land assembly and permitting process before construction could begin. AIG and White Star Partners' team led / is leading the construction, marketing and sales efforts. The project has also been under the care of our property management team.