Diamond Business Park Ursus

Location:Warsaw, Poland
Property Type:Warehouse/Logistics
Service Types:Asset Management, Construction & Project Management, Leasing, Marketing, Property Management
Size:14,500 m²
Owner:AIG and White Star Partners
Overview:The newest addition to the Diamond Business Park brand, this A-class warehouse and distribution center is unique for its proximity to Warsaw – a mere 8 km from the city center and an equal distance from the airport. In addition to developing the project, White Star Real Estate is providing a full array of asset management services, including financing, construction management, leasing coordination, and marketing. We are also the property manager for the location. Due to the complexities of the permitting process for this site, and the intricate strategies that had to be utilized to realize the development, Diamond Business Park Ursus is a showcase for AIG and White Star Partners' unsurpassed expertise in development services.