Metropolis 2 Office Centre

Location:Moscow, Russia
Property Types:Office, Retail
Service Types:Asset Management, Leasing, Marketing, Property Management, Construction & Project Management
Size:22,688 m²
Main Tenants:Procter & Gamble, Mazda, Nokia
Overview:In July 2011, the Heitman Real Estate entrusted White Star Real Estate to manage Heitman’s first (and to date, only) purchased asset in Russia.
The Metropolis Office Centre is a part of the most successful retail and office complex within Moscow’s city limits. The Metropolis shopping mall is one of Moscow’s most popular shopping destinations.
At the time of the asset handover, the building was well leased. Nonetheless, the White Star Real Estate team has constantly been working to increase the value of the building by leasing vacant retail areas on the ground floor, managing tenant rollovers, and optimizing the NRA. Our hands-on approach to facility management allowed us to decrease service charges compared to the 2010-2011 figures, which is a true exception case in a Moscow market experiencing rapid inflation.