Auto Logistics Park - APP Lozorno

Location:Lozorno, Slovakia
Property Type:Warehouse/Logistics
Service Types:Construction & Project Management, Leasing, Marketing, Property Management
Size:115,457 m²
Main Tenants:Brose, IAC, Faurecia, Inteva, Johnson Controls
Overview:This industrial estate was developed between 2001-2005 by AIG and White Star Partners, in cooperation with Volkswagen to primarily serve as a production and logistics facility for automotive parts manufacturers providing “just in time” components to the nearby Volkswagen automotive plant. White Star Real Estate has been managing this property since the opening of its operations in 2001. During this time White Star Real Estate has participated in 3 changes in ownership, closely worked with owners in the properties asset management requirements, and has gained experience in many of the complex needs of a facility supplying the automotive industry.