New LED lighting system in Tulipan Park

Improved system to cut back costs

Property Name: Tulipan Park
Location:Biatorbagy, Hungary
Property Type:Industrial
Service Type:Property management
Size:29 253 sq m
Owner:Logicor (Curve) Hungary Kft.
Main Tenants:Aliaxis, Gefco, Grundfos, Ikea, Transdanubia, UTT
Quote:“The cheapest and the purest energy is the one not consumed”


The technical challenge at Tulipan Logistic Park is to keep the existing outdoor lamp fixtures and to install LED lights on the lampposts and the facade.
It would support safe traffic by creating proper visibility, and also saves energy with the improved technology.


Our property management staff evaluated the current lighting status to clear away dead angles and to keep or improve the existing lighting intensity. The project was implemented in February 2017.


With the new LED illuminants we are planning to achieve 35% cost cut on a yearly basis at Tulipan Park.