Energy consumption reduction of engineering systems

As the result of energy efficiency upgrade involving the replacement of the air-handling unit drums, significant drop in consumption has been achieved in the operating costs of the common mechanical systems.

Property Name: Roosevelt office building
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Property Type:Office
Service Types:Property Management, Technical & Facilities Management, Leasing (Renewals)
Size:29 000 sq m
Main Tenants:Dr Rose, BNP, House of Business, Jeantet, Erős Ügyvédi Iroda, Kiloo
Quote:“Completion of the energy efficiency upgrade”


Energy efficiency has become a common demand for the new office buildings, and thus it created new competition for the existing buildings, as well. Taking the sustainability of the building into consideration, we recommended to manage more comprehensive energy efficiency program covering the entire HVAC and BMS system.


According to the proposed mechanical plans, the modification and improvement of the HVAC and BMS systems have been completed successfully.


As the result of energy efficiency upgrade 36,6 % decrease in natural gas consumption and 63,8 % decrease in common electricity consumption was realized in the first 12 months.