Saving Money on Energy

We obtained 5-8% below market rates for our customers in the face of a 30% spike in energy costs.

Property Name: Alkotas Point
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Property Type:Office
Service Types:Asset Management, Leasing, Marketing, Property Management, Technical & Facilities Management
Size:25,328 m²
Main Tenants:Bayer, Signal, NuSkin, Euronet, Concorde
Quote:“We leveraged our market position to gain competitive advantage for our client, which resulted in cost savings.”


Deregulation of the energy market had driven costs up by approximately 30%. Rising energy costs were making tenants particularly price sensitive, increasing competition for leasing.


With a portfolio of over 16 properties under management, the technical team began an aggressive effort to achieve maximum economies of scale for electricity and gas purchases. The experience of the technical staff enabled a thorough analysis and accurate forecasting of energy needs.


Costs of 5-8% below market were achieved, benefiting the leasing position of this property as well as others where we succeeded in minimizing the electricity costs.