Quick Recovery After a Devastating Flood

When a sudden flood made a facility unusable, our quick action got repairs started fast and retained tenants.

Property Name: IGP Vrable
Location:Vrable, Slovakia
Property Type:Warehouse/Logistics
Service Types:Technical & Facilities Management, Construction & Project Management
Size:25,140 m²
Owner:Guardian Managers UK Limited
Main Tenants:Kongsberg, Slomedical/Flexmedical, Hoeckle, Heller
Quote:“Thanks to our resources and know-how, we re-started the operations and began repairs in minimal time.”


A sudden flood by a nearby river left an industrial facility unusable. The tenants needed fast action to restore their operations. Public utilities had to be restored, a massive cleanup was needed to provide acceptable working conditions, and the buildings needed to be inspected before usage. The owner needed to begin long-term repairs immediately, or risk losing tenants.


We had an army of cleaning personnel organized and standing by within 24 hours, ready to go into action as the waters receded. Our technical team immediately organized the restoration of utilities and the needed inspections from public authorities. Meanwhile, our construction team began obtaining proposals for repairs, and the property manager obtained an advance insurance payment.


Operations resumed at the property within 48 hours, and with an advance of €55,000 from the insurer, longer-term repairs could begin immediately and thus finished in minimal time.