An HVAC Redesign Retains a Tenant

When an anchor tenant was considering a move, our cost-effective HVAC improvements kept the tenant and pleased the owner.

Property Name: Infopark Research Center
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Property Type:Office
Service Types:Property Management, Construction & Project Management
Size:15,000 m²
Main Tenants:IGN, IBM, Panasonic


An anchor tenant at one of Budapest’s “first-generation” modern office buildings (built in 1999) needed to double its space density. The airflow in the building would not support this, and the tenant planned to move.


Our property management team worked with our construction and engineering teams to redesign the HVAC system. Acting as both the project manager and the general contractor for the installation, we implemented the changes while keeping costs low.


Our redesign increased fresh airflow by 50%. The tenant stayed in the space, and the project was completed at a price that was reasonable to the owner.