Tenant Placement Increases Footfall

Small retailers benefit from proximity to big brands.

Property Name: Market Central Ferihegy
Location:Vecsés, Hungary
Property Type:Retail
Service Types:Asset Management, Leasing, Marketing, Property Management, Technical & Facilities Management, Constr
Size:44,281 m²
Owner:White Star Real Estate
Main Tenants:Tesco, Praktiker, Intersport, H&M and Müller
Quote:“Our creative approach increased shopping traffic and strengthened the asset.”


When assessing tenant footfall, we recognized that two smaller, less well-known apparel tenants that were located next to each other were not receiving optimal traffic.


Our property management team created a plan to relocate one of the two retailers next to a larger, more well-known tenant (C&A). In the space that the smaller retailer left vacant, we moved in another better-known tenant to serve as a “mini-anchor” to attract shoppers to the less-familiar store.


After relocating the retailers, shopper footfall became more consistently distributed in the center, and both tenants benefited from being next to better-known brands.