Tracking Down a Hit and Run Driver

An owner is compensated after a driver fled a crash into a building’s façade.

Property Name: The Park
Location:Prague, Czech Republic
Property Type:Office
Service Type:Property Management
Size:115,000 m²
Owner:Starwood Capital
Main Tenants:DHL, IBM, SONY, Accenture, CA, Oracle, Dell, Honeywell
Quote:“Our property management team provided added value by working diligently despite extended bureaucratic obstacles.”


After crashing into The Park’s façade, a truck driver fled the scene without taking responsibility for the damages. The building’s owner faced the prospect of having to claim the incident on its insurance and incur the resulting costs.


Our property management team used CCTV images to identify the perpetrator and the trucking company, which had headquarters in Spain. We then filed a police report and an insurance claim with the trucking company’s insurer.


After extended bureaucracy, the claim was resolved and paid by the European umbrella insurance ombudsman after it was revealed that the Spanish trucking company did not have proper insurance. This perseverance avoided a claim on the building owner’s insurance.