Giving an Owner a Clearer Picture of a New Asset’s Value

When information was scarce, we provided a detailed review of the equipment in an owner’s newly acquired property.

Property Name: IGP Vrable
Location:Vrable, Slovakia
Property Type:Warehouse/Logistics
Service Type:Property Management
Size:25,140 m²
Owner:Guardian Managers UK Limited
Main Tenants:Kongsberg, Slomedical/Flexmedical, Hoeckle, Heller
Quote:“By using in-house resources to accomplish the job at a minimal cost, we saved the owner money.”


Following handover of a recently purchased property to the owner, it was revealed that there was insufficient information about some of the equipment in the property that was needed to determine the equipment’s value. The owner needed to know the value of the equipment without incurring substantial costs.


Our senior technical management team applied the systematic approach that we have developed over many years of assessing properties to fully understand the worth of the equipment in the owner’s new property.


By relying on the expertise and methodology of our in-house team, we provided the owner with a complete understanding of the equipment’s value without having to hire an expensive outside consultant. Our property management team also developed a comprehensive maintenance program to preserve the equipment’s worth.