Defective Roof Presents Potentially Big Cost

We identified and fixed a defect before it could become a major problem for an owner.

Property Name: VW Supply Park
Location:Lozorno, Slovakia
Property Type:Warehouse/Logistics
Service Type:Property Management
Size:113,000 m²
Main Tenants:Volkswagen
Quote:“By proactively identifying the defect and negotiating a better warranty, we put the owner in a good position for the future.”


During regular technical property inspections, it was discovered that the roofing insulation was beginning to buckle and create potential areas of penetration that could lead to complicated and costly damage.


Our property management team brought in a local engineer that could be trusted to make a quick and accurate assessment of the situation. Following the engineer’s assessment, the team negotiated with the roof manufacturer and installer to correct the issue.


We not only successfully organized the replacement of the defective material and proactively avoided a bigger issue, but we also negotiated a doubling of the manufacturer's standard warranty.