In-House Know-How Saves Substantial Building Fees

When other firms were offering costly approaches to start construction, we delivered an effective, low-cost plan.

Property Name: Empark Business Park
Location:Warsaw, Poland
Property Type:Office
Service Types:Property Management, Construction & Project Management
Quote:“Our long-term view of our customer relationship motivated us to find a solution not based solely on short-term profit.”


When our client needed to begin construction on a new building before the building permit expired, the lowest offer it received to open the site diary was in excess of €25,000, plus a monthly retainer.


We determined that what was required of the client to maintain the validity of the building permit was actually simpler than what other construction management firms were presenting in their offers. We advised the client to work with our in-house construction team at a significantly lower fee than what other companies were proposing.


Because of our thorough knowledge of building permits, our client paid only €1,000 per month, and was able to begin construction as planned.